Jabberwocky Darts

from Jabberwocky Darts by Lucid Mover

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Dome splitting lyrics over neck snapping beats.


These poppy tarts are no match for jabberwocky darts
Fuckin fannys droppin sloppy farts flashin body parts
Totty gasp when my posse are wandering past
Proper cocky, probably want to grasp on my grotty arse

Not a chance luv you know the score I'm spoken for
Tryina grow mature these days and stay sober more
Known for raw flows galore
Smoking potent draws
Overtly overstated overtures that provoke awe

Open doors are left hangin off the hinges when opportunity knocks I strike like...hmmm
Fuck them cliches to make you cringe I roll with dead beat daddies, druggies and binge drinkers

Big thinkers, tight lip the ship sinkers
My stink lingers like mics gripped with fish fingers
Might have a quick tinker with the mix just to guarantee the roof get burnt to cinders

Man are like- shiver me timbers!
Another fang banger with slang grammar to injure
I been badder than sin to spin flimflam
But still got the swagger to win killin them big jams

I ping fam chicks hanging off my ding daaaaammnnn
Now tell me whose your favourite rapper out of Englaaand
King Sand the Lucid Mover
Got his ting down pat all these yoots is clueless

Pullin them combo reversals on you Judas, what go around come around the laws of the Buddhist
Talk trueness turn pricks to eunuchs my mood switch quick for the moolah manuvas

So the rep grows bigger than tumours, now I'm all about the chicks and the peez like humus,
Lamb bhunas, tarka Dahl and saag aloo
Brick lane curry house thunder belly marga crew

Spark a new leaf and bun down the whole ting
Dead stare gazing at the flames with a bold grin
Ice cold gin and tonic with a slice of lime
Known to be the last bredder on it when its cypher time

Some say it's the age, some say the ego, some say he just blaze too much and can't really flow
What the dilly tho, u think u can outlast him?
Try similarly flow you only gain chagrin

And that's a bargain much better than a bloodbath
Fuckin with this razor sharp wit you could get cut fast
Nuff tarts'll second the motion how my trouser snake is known to get em wetter than a ocean

Slow motion, single-handed spit roasting, it's like I fell in a cauldron of magic potion
Fuck boasting that shit is strictly need to know, my grannies bumpin this shit and trust me she don't need to know,

Wha gwan behind closed doors, my game is urban legend, inner city folklore,
So now them broke whores are begin me a tuk tuk
But couldn't give a sympathy fuck when I was love struck

Tut tut how the tables have turned
I treat money in the bank like it's paper to burn
More fire more ashes in the urn
I wonder how many lashes it takes for you to learn

Call me the cat o nine tales,
All you MCs are pussy whipped I'm tippin the rhyme scales
With flows too heavy for the tampax these little bitch bredders keep on shoving up their man gash

Anthrax them handbags you reppin, damn slags, me to rhymes is like Baghdad to weapons
Spit venom to spin melons then
In a split second I be shift jetting to spliff sessions

Gettin high like how you been long time, me I just been workin on songs and writing long rhymes
Devine designs from a borderline mind deprived of sunshine
But over-exposed to knife and gun crime

Front line living trying to make ends meet
Still unsigned eating up your favourite MCs
Call it a labour of love the most deadly
Hell raising dubs with bars of pure shegry


from Jabberwocky Darts, released January 4, 2014
Rap by Lucid Mover
Produced by Wytfang.
Co-Produced by Lucid Mover.
Mixed & Mastered by Lucid Mover.


all rights reserved



Lucid Mover Greater London, UK

Heed the Code of the Road Runner as you travel this Ghost in a Shell, but beware Jabberwocky Darts when you enter the Theatre of the Absurd.

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