Filth & Money

from Jabberwocky Darts by Lucid Mover

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Filthy lyrics on a beat called Bank Vaults.


We from the land of filth and money where it's never sunny
Nose runny, the roads are so gully
Hollow tummy yoots wanna know what's so funny
Now you ain't going nowhere in a hurry

Man scurry prang from me shook of all the slang prolly hit a couple grams of Chang and thought you was nang
Little did they know about the master plan, This ain't no half arsed amateur scam, It's taken all my years

Study history smoking weed drinking beers...
Trying to solve the mystery of being here...
So simplistic yet so complex
Let me break down the context

We from the land of filth and money where ain't nothing funny
Rumbling tummy yoot suckin a zoot like a dummy
Still stick it to honey like energiser bunny
When I'm down under
They say my mouth is like a dunnie

Got a yummy mummy and a couple bright sparks
Trying to keep em on the right path
Ain't no light task
Spilling my heart to settle my nerves
Bars stackin like the Federal reserve

Ya heard a couple rumours that the kids killed my swag
Dirty nappies piling up on top of the rhyme pad
On the contrary they're coming with that playground hype brag like
Your dad ain't got rhymes like my dad

We from the land of filth and money where the waters scummy
Curb crawlers on the corners watching whores hungry
Everyday social housing get more slummy cos the laws are written for the lords buddies

My sword duppied scores of bloody frauds before now I'm sharpening my blade getting ready for war, for sure
Kick in the door waving the piff draw
Spittin that raw shit strictly hardcore

It's that jaw dropping Jabberwocky dart shotting brudda taking you on bizzare ride to the pharcyde
Just another undercover mother lover titty sucker in the shitty city, stuck in the bits with no supper

Life's a bitch and she wants you to fuck her like an animal, but you gotta think rational,
Have a time out, a little sabbatical
Sort your mind out and find out what's magical

We from the land of filth and money where the rats scurry
Cats, druggies and tramps, eyes blurry
Dry furry mouth breath kickin like Chun Li
Everyday man jump bridge without the bungee

Clunge deep in the game smelling skunky, Wyt Fang organ grinding, I'm just the monkey
Do it for them hip hop junkies
Who don't belong to no country

No flag, no god, no symbol
Universal law keep it simple
One Nation, one people
Walking the thin line between good and evil


from Jabberwocky Darts, released January 4, 2014
Rap by Lucid Mover
Produced by Wytfang.
Mixed & Mastered by Lucid Mover.


all rights reserved



Lucid Mover Greater London, UK

Heed the Code of the Road Runner as you travel this Ghost in a Shell, but beware Jabberwocky Darts when you enter the Theatre of the Absurd.

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