Cheese Cake

from Jabberwocky Darts by Lucid Mover

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Bangin bars and blunted beats.


We smoke cheese and cut cake
Broke fogeys who cus fakes dat bus bait
And love it when chicks strut to make their butts shake
We just in it for the lust for fucks sake

I been waiting so long my nuts ache
What I gotta do just get my bars up on a break
Modern day living tryina make killin
Getting parred by the hands that the man's dealing

Make em reach for the ceiling when my pens spilling
Leavin heads spinning,
Break beats and wreck riddims
On a demolition mission for the bread winning
When my bells ringin MCs are bedridden

See either get with it or get rid of it
I was spraying over tracks as a little kid
With a bag of tin cans and a fat nib
Now I'm all about bars, stabs and adlibs

Only out for the cabbage
Managing the damage from years of bad habits
Like tryina civilise a savage
My approach is to toke the roach and act pragmatic

Black magic ink on my quill
These maggots cant hack the stink of what I bill
Back from the brink with da iller skill
Bredders better recognise the deal and just chill

I bust schpiel for the buzz kill
Handling my business like a back alley drug deal
Live by the motto that love heals
But those who won't listen must feel

Holla if ya hear me now hush still I got more gab to gush, crabs to crush
Bottom of the barrel rap fads I've had enough
These mainstream slags can't handle us

Take it back to the nuts and bolts,
My revolutionary rap summon up revolts,
Hundred thousand volts in a verse got em shocking
Wyt Fang beats are brutal, limbs poppin and locking

Whether you clock in and clock out or on the block shottin
Better keep your doors locked when the coppers come knocking cos

Them man are clocking when you click on your login
Saw your comment on a blog and now they think that your plotting a job

Boy that'd hit the spot like a Molotov
Cos man are so broke that for a buck they'd chop a bollock off
Life's a crock of shit in this metropolis
Crooked politricks bringing on apocalypse

I want the opposite
A place to raise a lot of kids, dig crops and occasionally drop cid
A far cry from the toxic moshpit
Where your humble narrator now currently cotches


from Jabberwocky Darts, released January 4, 2014
Rap by Lucid Mover
Produced by Wytfang.
Mixed & Mastered by Lucid Mover.


all rights reserved



Lucid Mover Greater London, UK

Heed the Code of the Road Runner as you travel this Ghost in a Shell, but beware Jabberwocky Darts when you enter the Theatre of the Absurd.

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