Boulders of Phlegm feat. Freedom of Strangelove

from Jabberwocky Darts by Lucid Mover

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Filthy, dirty, grimy, smelly, stanking, 'orrible shit. Featuring Freedom Strangelove and Mister Frendo.


Raging bull when I'm holding a pen
What they talkin bout ice, man I'm colder than them
Spitting boulders of phlegm making soldiers of men
Dip em in a boiled egg then it's over my friend

Cos i gotta defend the means to my ends
While they chatting bout reppin for the thieves in their ends
It's a bitter struggle of hypocrites befuddled how the puzzle drops
All of a sudden your bubble pops

Trouble cropping up around every corner
Got you asking yourself is they friends or informers
So now the big smokes comin like a sauna
Pure traumatising the stakes is enormous

Me and my chorus forge our own force through assault course streets that warlords enforce
Spinnin tall tales to warp your thoughts, a smorgasbord of twisted mysteries and war reports

An awkward sort of ilk getting slaughtered for the thrill, seeking more than just a portion of the fortune you conceal
Making meals out a measly morsels
My flow too paranormal for mere mortals

Leaping through portals causing exponential paradoxes,
I stroll the depths of hell by stashing crosses in my boxers,
The most obnoxious cock with no conscience,
Out to live long and prosper off songs filled with nonsense

Knock you unconscious when I fling these bars,
Test the chest of any weak heart and make em see stars,
Beats blasting out the speaker box reefer smoking,
Known for enchanting demons and keeping them beenies open

Kundalini yoga pose align my shakras,
You overdose on potent flows in my mantras,
Weight of the world on my shoulders like atlas
In every brain cell I got imagination captured


from Jabberwocky Darts, released January 4, 2014
Raps by Lucid Mover & Freedom Strangelove.
Produced by WytFang.
Co-Produced by Lucid Mover.
Scratches by Mister Frendo.
Mixed & Mastered by Lucid Mover.
Artwork by Bill Daggs.


all rights reserved



Lucid Mover Greater London, UK

Heed the Code of the Road Runner as you travel this Ghost in a Shell, but beware Jabberwocky Darts when you enter the Theatre of the Absurd.

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