Jabberwocky Darts

by Lucid Mover

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These poppy tarts are no match for jabberwocky darts Fuckin fannys droppin sloppy farts flashin body parts Totty gasp when my posse are wandering past Proper cocky, probably want to grasp on my grotty arse Not a chance luv you know the score I'm spoken for Tryina grow mature these days and stay sober more Known for raw flows galore Smoking potent draws Overtly overstated overtures that provoke awe Open doors are left hangin off the hinges when opportunity knocks I strike like...hmmm Fuck them cliches to make you cringe I roll with dead beat daddies, druggies and binge drinkers Big thinkers, tight lip the ship sinkers My stink lingers like mics gripped with fish fingers Might have a quick tinker with the mix just to guarantee the roof get burnt to cinders Man are like- shiver me timbers! Another fang banger with slang grammar to injure I been badder than sin to spin flimflam But still got the swagger to win killin them big jams I ping fam chicks hanging off my ding daaaaammnnn Now tell me whose your favourite rapper out of Englaaand King Sand the Lucid Mover Got his ting down pat all these yoots is clueless Pullin them combo reversals on you Judas, what go around come around the laws of the Buddhist Talk trueness turn pricks to eunuchs my mood switch quick for the moolah manuvas So the rep grows bigger than tumours, now I'm all about the chicks and the peez like humus, Lamb bhunas, tarka Dahl and saag aloo Brick lane curry house thunder belly marga crew Spark a new leaf and bun down the whole ting Dead stare gazing at the flames with a bold grin Ice cold gin and tonic with a slice of lime Known to be the last bredder on it when its cypher time Some say it's the age, some say the ego, some say he just blaze too much and can't really flow What the dilly tho, u think u can outlast him? Try similarly flow you only gain chagrin And that's a bargain much better than a bloodbath Fuckin with this razor sharp wit you could get cut fast Nuff tarts'll second the motion how my trouser snake is known to get em wetter than a ocean Slow motion, single-handed spit roasting, it's like I fell in a cauldron of magic potion Fuck boasting that shit is strictly need to know, my grannies bumpin this shit and trust me she don't need to know, Wha gwan behind closed doors, my game is urban legend, inner city folklore, So now them broke whores are begin me a tuk tuk But couldn't give a sympathy fuck when I was love struck Tut tut how the tables have turned I treat money in the bank like it's paper to burn More fire more ashes in the urn I wonder how many lashes it takes for you to learn Call me the cat o nine tales, All you MCs are pussy whipped I'm tippin the rhyme scales With flows too heavy for the tampax these little bitch bredders keep on shoving up their man gash Anthrax them handbags you reppin, damn slags, me to rhymes is like Baghdad to weapons Spit venom to spin melons then In a split second I be shift jetting to spliff sessions Gettin high like how you been long time, me I just been workin on songs and writing long rhymes Devine designs from a borderline mind deprived of sunshine But over-exposed to knife and gun crime Front line living trying to make ends meet Still unsigned eating up your favourite MCs Call it a labour of love the most deadly Hell raising dubs with bars of pure shegry
Raging bull when I'm holding a pen What they talkin bout ice, man I'm colder than them Spitting boulders of phlegm making soldiers of men Dip em in a boiled egg then it's over my friend Cos i gotta defend the means to my ends While they chatting bout reppin for the thieves in their ends It's a bitter struggle of hypocrites befuddled how the puzzle drops All of a sudden your bubble pops Trouble cropping up around every corner Got you asking yourself is they friends or informers So now the big smokes comin like a sauna Pure traumatising the stakes is enormous Me and my chorus forge our own force through assault course streets that warlords enforce Spinnin tall tales to warp your thoughts, a smorgasbord of twisted mysteries and war reports An awkward sort of ilk getting slaughtered for the thrill, seeking more than just a portion of the fortune you conceal Making meals out a measly morsels My flow too paranormal for mere mortals Leaping through portals causing exponential paradoxes, I stroll the depths of hell by stashing crosses in my boxers, The most obnoxious cock with no conscience, Out to live long and prosper off songs filled with nonsense Knock you unconscious when I fling these bars, Test the chest of any weak heart and make em see stars, Beats blasting out the speaker box reefer smoking, Known for enchanting demons and keeping them beenies open Kundalini yoga pose align my shakras, You overdose on potent flows in my mantras, Weight of the world on my shoulders like atlas In every brain cell I got imagination captured
Cheese Cake 02:48
We smoke cheese and cut cake Broke fogeys who cus fakes dat bus bait And love it when chicks strut to make their butts shake We just in it for the lust for fucks sake I been waiting so long my nuts ache What I gotta do just get my bars up on a break Modern day living tryina make killin Getting parred by the hands that the man's dealing Make em reach for the ceiling when my pens spilling Leavin heads spinning, Break beats and wreck riddims On a demolition mission for the bread winning When my bells ringin MCs are bedridden See either get with it or get rid of it I was spraying over tracks as a little kid With a bag of tin cans and a fat nib Now I'm all about bars, stabs and adlibs Only out for the cabbage Managing the damage from years of bad habits Like tryina civilise a savage My approach is to toke the roach and act pragmatic Black magic ink on my quill These maggots cant hack the stink of what I bill Back from the brink with da iller skill Bredders better recognise the deal and just chill I bust schpiel for the buzz kill Handling my business like a back alley drug deal Live by the motto that love heals But those who won't listen must feel Holla if ya hear me now hush still I got more gab to gush, crabs to crush Bottom of the barrel rap fads I've had enough These mainstream slags can't handle us Take it back to the nuts and bolts, My revolutionary rap summon up revolts, Hundred thousand volts in a verse got em shocking Wyt Fang beats are brutal, limbs poppin and locking Whether you clock in and clock out or on the block shottin Better keep your doors locked when the coppers come knocking cos Them man are clocking when you click on your login Saw your comment on a blog and now they think that your plotting a job Boy that'd hit the spot like a Molotov Cos man are so broke that for a buck they'd chop a bollock off Life's a crock of shit in this metropolis Crooked politricks bringing on apocalypse I want the opposite A place to raise a lot of kids, dig crops and occasionally drop cid A far cry from the toxic moshpit Where your humble narrator now currently cotches
We from the land of filth and money where it's never sunny Nose runny, the roads are so gully Hollow tummy yoots wanna know what's so funny Now you ain't going nowhere in a hurry Man scurry prang from me shook of all the slang prolly hit a couple grams of Chang and thought you was nang Little did they know about the master plan, This ain't no half arsed amateur scam, It's taken all my years Study history smoking weed drinking beers... Trying to solve the mystery of being here... So simplistic yet so complex Let me break down the context We from the land of filth and money where ain't nothing funny Rumbling tummy yoot suckin a zoot like a dummy Still stick it to honey like energiser bunny When I'm down under They say my mouth is like a dunnie Got a yummy mummy and a couple bright sparks Trying to keep em on the right path Ain't no light task Spilling my heart to settle my nerves Bars stackin like the Federal reserve Ya heard a couple rumours that the kids killed my swag Dirty nappies piling up on top of the rhyme pad On the contrary they're coming with that playground hype brag like Your dad ain't got rhymes like my dad We from the land of filth and money where the waters scummy Curb crawlers on the corners watching whores hungry Everyday social housing get more slummy cos the laws are written for the lords buddies My sword duppied scores of bloody frauds before now I'm sharpening my blade getting ready for war, for sure Kick in the door waving the piff draw Spittin that raw shit strictly hardcore It's that jaw dropping Jabberwocky dart shotting brudda taking you on bizzare ride to the pharcyde Just another undercover mother lover titty sucker in the shitty city, stuck in the bits with no supper Life's a bitch and she wants you to fuck her like an animal, but you gotta think rational, Have a time out, a little sabbatical Sort your mind out and find out what's magical We from the land of filth and money where the rats scurry Cats, druggies and tramps, eyes blurry Dry furry mouth breath kickin like Chun Li Everyday man jump bridge without the bungee Clunge deep in the game smelling skunky, Wyt Fang organ grinding, I'm just the monkey Do it for them hip hop junkies Who don't belong to no country No flag, no god, no symbol Universal law keep it simple One Nation, one people Walking the thin line between good and evil
Fuckin, fighting, ruckin, writing Wheelin, Dealin, Duckin, diving Pockets tightened, suck it right in Chuckin the dice and feelin frightened Scheming demons hyping heathens Dreamin of bein enlightened Seeking meaning rhyme and reason Screaming my soul in ciphers Beating my chest with a mic like (doof doof) Take out the teeth of a biter Bong lighter long John ripe for the thong I spy with the eye of the tiger Pied piper guiding blind mice to beyond the horizon out of eye sight In the twilight drive bys knife fights Guys die tryina survive the hype life Busy like the Birds and Bees In the hustle bustle, of the urban jungle Feel the pulse of the beat Bangin like a tribal drummer Deep in the belly of the beast See the light like a funnel its an eternal struggle Fighting to be free
Eyes of Dali 02:59
My slang treat mics like an ang lee fight You man are on a shandy nose candy hype I ain't the anti-Christ I'm just anti-Christ Never gonna let em catch me twice The truth gets romanticised Til it's nanger than the best bang you fantasised Yeah I brang that dan baddaman shit Me and fang come together like krang No homo all sapien Still they callin me Damien It's like the whole mind frames alien Brainwavey a shade of iranian Hating the state of the game we in So I bring a nu sound like adrian Blaze the ting my main aim to win All them played out cliches are wafer thin That ain't hating it's making a statement But next time I won't waste the ink Just Blaze a spliff of the baitest piff And still light incense for the sake of it But can't take a drink cos it makes me think I might face the clink or spray paint the sink Rappers chatting bout their chains and whips Waving at the camera while their slave ship sinks I'm taking your brain to the brink It's like seeing a snake face change in a blink Kicking up shit making a stink Clawing my way out this cradle of filth That's the state of my brain these days 99 shades of pain I relay Bangin out bars on a beat Them other man are coming hard on a sheet Lost like a dogs fart in a breeze Barking up the wrong tree Fat cats pull strings like archery Fuck that I'll never let em martyr me Got bars for weeks Rap so vivid it surpass belief Creeping through dark streets Armed with an arsenal of tools for a party Tarty birds goin on mardy Only in it for the bone and the barley Coke or the charlie, stones and wasabi Clothes that are flown in from west Malawi What the raaasss I'm like walahi Hand me my props and step off my salami Before l go kamikaze, Been wild like safari since the age of Atari Seen it all through the eyes of Dali But already heard through the words of Marley Rise of the undead army While the whole worlds glued to the kahzee


released January 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Lucid Mover Greater London, UK

Heed the Code of the Road Runner as you travel this Ghost in a Shell, but beware Jabberwocky Darts when you enter the Theatre of the Absurd.

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